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Weekly Photo Challenges 2012

#3      Simple, 20/01/ 2012

The Title for my Challenge this week is--

The Moon's
A Balloon

I hope one can see  my idea and simplicity of the theme these photo's.
I myself actually quite like these photographs. But what makes them distinct is the fact they were taken several years apart in different parts of the country. Here they are together on the same page, same web space, in fact it is 'Gerry's Space'.  How surreal is that, two completely different types of photo's now at home together on this one page.
I will be probably putting another post with this theme in mind.

Enjoy my theme -  'The Moon's a Balloon'


#2              Peaceful, 13/01/ 2012

My idea of peace is---
New Forest Ponies
Forest Stream
One beautiful sunny day, my wife and I went for a walk through the nearby New Forest. We eventually came upon this peaceful scene, and luckily I had my camera. The results are as you can see. Others were taken but I think these pictures represent the theme well. But they also have a memory within as well, which makes it doubly good.

So to all that view, please enjoy and comment.